User Research & Design

So far in my career I’ve had the privilege to work on a variety of teams all with interesting problems. Please check out some of my work as I explore research and design through a variety of subjects from financial inclusion to sustainability.

* If the title of a project has a asterisk it’s because this page is password protected. Due to some of the confidentiality of some of my projects, I am not able to share as freely as I would like. However, if you’d like to review and are interesting in working together, please reach out to me and we can chat about my project.

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Creating a holistic financial ecosystem*

Becoming partners on the journey to financial independence.


improving the Culture of meetings*

Helping people quickly identify the content they really need for productivity.


tackling food waste through reminders

Measure the freshness of your fruit and set a reminder so that you won’t forget to eat it.


Creating a safe space to talk about child abuse

Helping and enabling teachers and parents to talk to children about appropriate and safe interactions with people.

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Connecting to sea level rise

Connecting residents in Rockaway, NY to sea level rise through everyday problems they encounter in their community.