Welcome to Madness

Welcome to Madness

Service design, design research, visual design: 
Karina Davila


An on boarding experience that accommodates UNICEF’s larger on boarding process along with the UNICEF Innovation Unit culture.

Although the UNICEF Innovation Unit already had an existing on boarding process, they felt that their current on boarding experience was inconsistent and not unified. UNICEF at large had processes that needed to be done, such as forms for visas, and the innovation unit also wanted newbies to learn not only procedural items, but also the culture of the office. The team wanted to revamp their existing site to serve multiple purposes for newbies and current employees, but the goal was to create an experience that went beyond the screen and was more personalized and aligned with the culture of the Innovation Unit.

I began by conducting research sessions within my unit to capture the culture of the team. I spoke with seasoned employees and created a blueprint for their current on-boarding experience all the way from offer letter to a few days after their first day. I wanted to get a sense of what happens at all touch points. I also began shadowing new employees on their first few days and observed how they were currently being on-boarded.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 9.14.26 PM.png

After hearing some of the feedback, I built prototypes and iterations new employees could experience during their on boarding process. The result was an experience that was more tangible and personal that included guides for those doing on boarding in office, personalized welcome packets, and a website that included information for the newbie and for the seasoned employee.