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I solve problems through design.


Karina J Davila is a graphic designer and social impact designer located in New York, NY. She graduated from Barry University in Miami Shores, FL with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, concentrating in graphic design. She's had the opportunity to art direct, manage and collaborate on several design projects at various jobs, ranging from private companies to nonprofit organizations. Although she has specialized in print design throughout her career, she is beginning to expand her skills into user experience and service design. 

Currently, she is studying at the School of Visual Arts earning a Master of Fine Arts in Design for Social Innovation. Here, she has added design research, community mapping, data visualization and working with the human-centered design process to her set of skills. She wants to not only make something pretty, but also create deeper impact through design. For her thesis, she working with the Rockaway community in Queens to help them identify what action oriented solutions they can take to adapt to their changing environment due to sea level rise.

In her spare time she loves to eat—EVERYTHING. Especially cookies. And, she loves to cuddle with her cat—Lara Croft. You can follow her on Instagram to see more of her adventures in NYC. Follow @keekst3r.



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