Karina Davila

Hi, I’m Karina. I connect with people, learn from their environments, and help solve their problems through human-centered design.

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I work on Visa’s innovation team, focusing on the Latin American and Caribbean region. I interview users to uncover pain points they experience while paying for things. I then translate what I learn into visual stories and exercises that immerse our clients and help them empathize with their users. This helps us collaborate to improve their existing products or create brand new ones that will allow their users access to the global world of digital payments.

Before this, I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects as a designer and researcher that touch on food waste, child abuse, climate change, and the future culture of work.

My passion is working on side projects about social impact issues, and in my spare time I practice my illustration and hand lettering skillz. I also love to eat [dumplings are lyf] and cuddle with my cat [I promise I’m not a crazy cat lady…maybe a little]. If you'd like to see my adventures and my cat 😸, follow me on Instagram.

If you don’t care about my cute kitty [the most beautiful cat you’ve ever seen <3] and want to see what I’ve done at a glance, click below.